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Protein Binding

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Protein Binding

“Equilibrium dialysis is the gold standard for determining the fraction of test compounds bound to serum/plasma or microsomal proteins.  The equilibrium dialysis approach allows the determination of ligand/compound binding to the entire spectrum of biological proteins as well as tissue binding distribution while minimizing experimental artifacts.  

Hudson has integrated the HTD96b from HTDialysis with its SOLO pipettor to automate a wide variety of applications including:

  • Tissue Binding
  • Drug Partitioning
  • Receptor Binding
  • Serum / Plasma Binding
  • Microsome Protein Binding
  • T4 Free Fraction Determination
The HTD96b has been successfully used by leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, academic laboratories, and contract research organizations around the world since 2003. The 100% Teflon construction minimizes non-specific binding to the dialysis apparatus and reduces the time required to reach equilibrium. The HTD96b is reusable and has the lowest operational assay cost for any high throughput equilibrium dialysis apparatus available on the market.  Furthermore, the HTD96b permits use of regenerated cellulose membranes with the widest range of molecular pore size, ranging across 3.5KDa, 6-8KDa, 10KDa, 12-14KDa, 25KDa and 50KDa, to meet a variety of experimental needs.”

The following image shows the HTD96b on the deck of the SOLO:


SOLO Liquid Handler

SOLO Liquid Handler

The Hudson SOLO™ liquid handling robot is an automated pipettor that can do anything expected of a hand-held pipettor, perfectly. It is about half the cost of other laboratory robotics platforms and has options of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 microplate nests on the deck.  The SOLO will fit into most biological safety cabinets, anaerobic chambers and fume hoods. The SOLO can be loaded and operated manually, but is also compatible with robotic arms from most manufacturers, including our PlateCrane EX. The small footprint and open design of the SOLO automated pipettor provides easy integration with accessories, such as heating and cooling nests, incubators, magnetic bead nests, automatable centrifuges, microplate readers and more. Our SoftLinx lab automation software has software Plug-ins to over 200 3rd party lab instruments. 

In the following video, the SOLO distributes serum samples and buffer to each half of the wells of the HTD96b from HTDialysis

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