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Hudson Horizons February 2011

Hudson Robotics equipment
Hudson Horizons February 2011 Hudson Robotics is pleased to announce major expansion plans for the company.  The company is currently setting up numerous new distributors in Europe and Asia as well as expanding exposure to these markets through advertising and local tradeshows. Our easy-to-use, robust workcell solutions are gaining interest in many of the midsize labs in Europe that want more automation but not the complexity of running a very large system.   The company is also expanding internally.  With a goal of 1 new hire per month for 2011 Hudson is continuously adding new expertise and talent to the team.    

News You Can Use

Hudson Horizons February 2011Are you working with dried blood spots?   Do you need a better solution to a hand punch or ineffective automated system?  No matter your application, research or clinical; high throughput or a few hundred, you need a reliable system that actually gets the spots into the wells and software that lets you know what went where.  Hudson’s patented DBS – Dried Blood Spot Punch System is the only system that pushes the spot into the well of the receiving microplate.  The patented plunger system eliminates guess work, static problems and possible contamination from blowing air all over the destination plate.  Two (2) barcode readers track the sample card and the microplate.  Easy to use software keeps track of the plate wells.  Simple, fast and reliable and surprisingly affordable the Hudson DBS is the best choice for your dried blood sample processing. Click on Hudson DBS for more information. The only solution for fully automated colony growth and isolation is now available.  Hudson Robotics is completing the testing of a new configuration for the RapidPick automated colony picker that allows for fully automated colony growth, picking and incubation.  This advanced colony picking system includes a Liconic STR44 automated incubator located under the table and a Hudson Micro10X media dispenser in addition to the colony picker, PlateCrane arm and stackers.  The new configuration allows users to grow colonies in the incubator, automatically bring them to the picker, bring empty destination plates to the Micro10x, fill the plates with media, pick colonies according to the user’s criteria, the inoculated plates are sent to the incubator and the picked plates are placed in the stackers.  The entire system runs unattended and can process from 1000 to 10,000 colonies depending on the inoculation scheme.  Click on Hudson RapidPick System for more information on the full line of RapidPick Colony Picking Systems.  

Congratulations to  

Shastine Keeney of Genentech.   

Shastine is the winner of our Lab Automation 2011 drawing for a new iPad!


Multi-Company Collaboration on Scalable, Automated ELISA Workstations

Hudson recently began a collaboration with BMG LabTech, LifeTechnologies (invitrogen), and Corning to develop several workstations that support ELISA assays on multi-plate scale down to single samples.  This information was presented at a joint workshop at LabAutomation 2011. Insulin Receptor pY1334 ELISA kits were provided by Life Technologies (Invitrogen) and the results were read on the new BMG LabTech SPECTRAstar UV/VIS absorbance spectophotometer. A key part of the ELISA assay is the series of reagent additions, followed by washes with buffer solution.  For large scale screening, these steps are carried out by the RapidWash and small scale experiments can be carried out completely on the deck of the Hudson SOLO pipettor.  This allows users to carry out ELISA assays on individual wells and not waste expensive bound antibody on unused portions of a plate. For faster speeds, the Micro10x can be added to the workstation to add common reagents one row at a time; and the addition of the RapidWash maximizes the speed by allowing full plate washing.    

2010: Record-Setting Year for Hudson

Phil Farrelly, President Hudson Robotics

This is our first email newsletter since the close of 2010, and we are really pleased to say that 2010 has been the best year in Hudson’s 28-year history.  We broke every previous record for total orders received, and the company has never been in better financial health.  We have expanded our sales organization to have truly national coverage, with a new in-house sales and customer support resources, an expanded service team and a dedicated marketing group. Those of you who keep track of the life science research trade press will perhaps notice a greatly enlarged presence of Hudson in the advertising and new product areas.  After years of development, we finally have a product line which comprehensively addresses our customers’ unmet needs, and 2010’s strong sales results show this.  It is our goal to let the life science research community aware of the depth and breadth of solutions, large and small, that we can bring to their research. Hudson’s objective for 2011 is to finally stop being “the best kept secret in lab automation”, as I’ve heard us called by a number of people, both customers and partners.  By the end of 2011, we aim to become “the best known secret in lab automation”.  As you might conclude from some of the stories in this edition of Hudson Horizons, we are beginning to do the things that will help us meet this goal, and we intend to even intensify our efforts to live up to our tag line of “Accelerating Life Sciences”.  

Upcoming Trade Shows

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