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Hudson Control Group Introduces the Hudson SOLO™ High-Resolution Liquid Dispenser

Hudson Robotics equipment
Hudson Control Group Introduces the Hudson SOLO™ High-Resolution Liquid Dispenser (Springfield, NJ)- Hudson Control Group recently announced the launch of the Hudson SOLO™, a low cost, high-throughput cherry picker able to perform DNA transformations and other applications involving the dispensing of liquids. The SOLO™ was developed to meet the growing need throughout the research, pharmaceutical and clinical communities for a high-resolution liquid dispenser. A compact 14″ x 16″ (355mm x 400mm) footprint easily fits on lab benchtops and into standard fume hoods. Compatible with 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plate formats, it also has the ability for non-contact dispensing into microplates and slides. This product also has a very broad dynamic range and the ability to handle reactions in a sterile environment. The SOLO™ can be loaded and operated manually, but is also fully compatible with robot loading systems from most manufacturers, including Hudson Control’s own PlateCrane EX®. It can also be used in-line with the Hudson Control Lablinx® high throughput track system for unparalleled high-throughput and ease of setup. The SOLO™ is powered by Hudson Control Group’s Softlinx™ software, which facilitates the robotic pipettor’s integration with most robots and other automated instruments. If Softlinx™ doesn’t already include an interface to a specific lab instrument; the Hudson Control team will develop one. Softlinx™ will communicate with each instrument via a serial port from the computer, and comes with its own easy-to-use GUI. Softlinx™ features an icon-based, drag-anddrop method editor, which will oversee the process of moving labware among instruments. About Hudson Control Group Located in Springfield, New Jersey, Hudson Control Group is a leader in microplate automation, robotics and customized software-driven solutions. The company works with customers in the drug discovery, high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics markets to develop strategies that best meet their unique needs, whether for an integrated system of automated laboratory equipment or for automating a single instrument.

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