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Hudson Control Group Introduces The First And Only High-Throughput Colony-Picking Workcell

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Hudson Control Group Introduces The First And Only High-Throughput Colony-Picking Workcell SPRINGFIELD, NJ-Hudson Control Group introduced the RapidPick™, the industry’s first and only fully automated high- throughput colony-picking workcell, at the Lab Automation 2007 Show, in Palm Springs, California. This product for the first time ever, will allow researchers to not only automate the selection and growth of cells grown on a colony plate, but will also retain a record and image of the specific colony and which plate/well it inoculated. This will allow users to establish an unbroken data path from original colony to final result. It has the input capacity of 72 deep-well culture plates and a throughput rate of 6000 colonies per hour. The RapidPick™ colony-picking workcell is unique in its completely integrated operation with products like Liconic’s STX 40 robotic incubator, which provides complete automation of the entire culture outgrowth process and Hudson’s RSH 4000 gas-permeable seal applicator to insure freedom from contamination, as well as, an integrated dispenser to apply fresh media to growth plates immediately before inoculation. The RapidPick™ takes advantage of Hudson’s PlateCrane EX® robot loading system and the flexibility of Hudson’s LabLinx® high-speed and expandable track system that delivers labware to multiple laboratory instruments simultaneously, greatly increasing throughput. It also incorporates a Barcode Scanner for high performance and capacity. No other system that includes colony picking has this level of integration. RapidPick™ is powered by Hudson Control’s Group’s Softlinx ™ software, which makes it easy to interface with other automated instruments for seamless process control. It is modular for flexibility and allows researchers the ability to feed source and destination plates in a compact workcell environment. About Hudson Control Group Located in Springfield, New Jersey, Hudson Control Group is a leader in microplate automation, robotics and customized software-driven solutions. The company works with customers in the drug discovery, high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics markets to develop strategies that best meet their unique needs, whether for an integrated system of automated laboratory equipment or for automating a single instrument.

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