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Hudson Control Group Introduces First Fully Programmable Vacuum Generator/Controller

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Hudson Control Group Introduces First Fully Programmable Vacuum Generator/Controller SPRINGFIELD, NJ (December, 2006)-Hudson Control Group introduces the VaryVac PowerBox ™, the first fully programmable vacuum generator/controller for use in microplate filtration, column filtration, aspirating, and material handling and drying applications. The VaryVac PowerBox ™ doesn’t use any pumps, freeing the user from oil, heat, and noise hazards. It offers precise closed-loop feedback providing accurate and dependable vacuum levels, reporting options for error management, walk away control of variable vacuum processes, real time displays of vacuum levels, and an exhaust port allowing venting to hoods for demanding laboratory applications. VaryVac PowerBox ™ is also compatible with Hudson’s VaryVac robotically-controlled vacuum nest and Platecrane EX robot loading system. Softlinx, Hudson’s multi-tasking scheduling software, allows the vacuum to be applied for timed events, with user prompts for any manual interactions. Softlinx also provides sample tracking, can guide a user through a protocol and makes it easy to interface the PowerBox with other automated instruments for seamless process control. The VaryVac PowerBox ™ also has an easy-to-use ASCll RS-232 command set for easy integration into third party software packages. About Hudson Control Group Located in Springfield, New Jersey, Hudson Control Group is a leader in microplate automation, robotics and customized software-driven solutions. The company works with customers in the drug discovery, high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics markets to develop strategies that best meet their unique needs, whether for an integrated system of automated laboratory equipment or for automating a single instrument.

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