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Microplate Handling

PlateCrane EX – Microplate Robot ArmPlateCrane SciClops – Self-Teaching Microplate Robot ArmLabLinx Microplate Storage and Transport SystemVaryVac Robotically-Controlled Vacuum NestPA1000 Bar Code Print and Apply

Liquid Handling

Hudson SOLO High-Throughput Multi-Channel PipettorMicro10x Robotic Benchtop Multi-Channel DispenserSOLO Plus - Pipettor and DispenserFilterPressRapidWash Ultra-Compact, High-Throughput Plate Washer

Colony Picking

RapidPick – Fully Automated High-Throughput Colony-Picking WorkcellRapidPick LiteRapidPick BasicRapidPick SP - Single Pin Colony PickerRapidPick Harvester

Other Products

Synthetic Biology WorkstationDNA Extraction SystemDried Blood Spot Processor (DBS)Compact ELISA WorkcellProLink Express – Fully Automated Proteomics WorkcellHES - High Efficiency ScreeningVaryScreen I – Multi-Assay Screening SystemRapidHit – Simultaneous Automated Hitpicking SystemVaryScreen ADME-Tox SystemOB-1 Robotic Lab Assistant

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